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The Department of the City Clerk-Treasurer wears many hats for the City of Winsted.
Below are a few things included in the day-to-day operations at City Hall.

Utility Billing

Utility BillingThe most important service provided by us is billing for municipal water and sewer. Waste Management garbage service is also billed through the City’s utility billing. Residents receive a utility bill around the 25th day of each month. All utility bills are due the 10th day of the following month. Utility bills can be paid in person, by mail, or by inserting them in the drop box located in the front entrance of City Hall. We also accept Credit Card Payments in person, over the telephone, or through the City’s website at Another payment option is Automatic Withdrawal. To sign up for automatic withdrawal from your bank account, you must complete an authorization form that is available at City Hall or on the City’s website.

Utility bills are generated by the amount of actual water usage recorded on your water meter each month. The meter is read by the resident or by the Public Works Department. The monthly sewer charge is based on the actual water usage. To avoid excessive sewer charges in the summer months, the City does offer residents the option to Purchase a Second Meter for Outside Watering, such as lawns, flowers, and gardens, washing vehicles, or filling swimming pools. The second meter is only charged for water usage and not sewer. You can obtain a second meter for a fee and by completing an application that is available at City Hall.

Permits & Licenses
Permits & LicensesPermits of all types are obtained through our department. The following permits and licenses are required in the City of Winsted and can be obtained at City Hall: Appliance & Electronic Recycling Permits, Building Permits, Conditional Use Permits, Curb Cut Permits, Dock Permits, Dog Licenses, Fence Permits, Rental Housing Permits, Variances and Zoning & Subdivision Permits. Just a reminder, a Building Permit is required to improve, remove, convert, or demolish any structure.

Rentals & Reservations
Permits & LicensesCity Hall’s Vollmer Room and City Parks are available for rent. The non-refundable Park Reservation Fee reserves the covered picnic area at either Hainlin Park or Mill Reserve Park for one day from open to close. Also included in the reservation is the use of the grills closest to the shelters. The rest of the park facilities are still open for public use. Contact us to learn more about fees and amenities of the Vollmer Room and City Parks.

ElectionsElections are held at City Hall and are administered by the city clerk and deputy city clerk, with the assistance of residents who serve as Election Judges. If you are interested in serving as an Election Judge, you can obtain an application at City Hall. The City pays an hourly rate, meals are included, and we pay for mileage to and from training at the McLeod County offices in Glencoe.

Liquor and Tobacco Licensing
Liquor & Tobacco LicensingLiquor and Tobacco Licenses are issued by the City Clerk-Treasurer’s office in accordance with Minnesota State Statutes. Applications can be obtained through City Hall. Any organization which participates in gambling activities, such as raffles, is required to obtain City Council approval. Applications should be given to one of us to be placed on the City Council meeting agenda for approval.

FinancesOur department is also responsible for all of the City’s finances. This includes accounting and auditing, receipts and disbursements, cash management, investing City funds, administering payroll, employee benefits, and special assessments. Our department also works with the City Administrator, City Council, and other City departments to prepare and maintain the City’s operating budget and capital improvement budget.

BlightWhen blight issues are reported to the City Clerk-Treasurer, all inspections, correspondence, and abatement procedures are completed through this department. We encourage all residents to contact the City with any concerns they may have regarding properties that are not maintained in accordance with the City’s ordinances regarding blight, tall grass, and weeds.

Meetings, Documents & Records
Meetings, Documents & RecordsThe maintenance of all City records and files are the responsibility of the city clerk - Treasurer's office. All documents are maintained in accordance with the State of Minnesota’s Record Retention schedule. The filing system has been established to allow for easy access to all staff members who are researching.

The City of Winsted conducts several City Council and Commission meetings each year. Preparation for all meetings is done by the staff in the City Clerk-Treasurer’s Department. Documentation of these meetings is required and minutes are taken. City Council meeting minutes are available on the City’s website. Meetings are
generally recorded and aired on cable Channel 10 in the City of Winsted.

Website & Cable Channel
Website & Cable ChannelThe City’s website at is a great source of information for what’s happening at City Hall. Residents are able to watch recorded Council and Commission meetings, look up ordinances, view maps, and even pay their utility bill online. There are also links to the Winsted Area Chamber of Commerce, Winsted Lake and Watershed Association, and the Winsted Airport. In addition, you find links to the “Around Town” blog and the Winsted Facebook page on the website, keeping you up-to-date on the most recent stories coming out of City Hall.

You can also watch live and recorded broadcasts of Council and Commission meetings on Local Access Channel 10. Channel 10 also has a bulletin board, which is available to non-profit groups, to place notices for their upcoming events. If your organization would like something aired, please contact City Hall or e-mail

If you have any questions regarding the City Clerk-Treasurer’s Department, please contact city hall at (320) 485-2366.

City of Winsted
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