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Planning Commission

The City of Winsted's planning commission is a group of citizens which has the duty of assisting and advising the city council in the administration of the city's platting, building, and zoning ordinances.

This commission is also the group of citizens that conducts public hearings on items relating to platting, building, and zoning.

There are five voting members of the planning commission who are appointed by the mayor, and subject to approval by the city council. The city administrator and one city council member also serve as an ex-officio member of the planning commission.

The City of Winsted's planning commission deals with issues such as approving plats, considering variances and conditional use permits, and also being the advisory committee to the council and how our zoning ordinance should be changed or amended.

The planning commission's main objective is to make sure that all development within the City of Winsted is in compliance with our city planning and zoning ordinances.

The planning commission meets on the second Monday of every month in the council chambers of the city office building, at 6 p.m., unless otherwise noted on the main page of this web site.

Members of the Planning Commission:
Marv Ebensperger, Chairperson
Mike Guggemos
Jolynn Cafferty
Allison Moses
Max Fasching
Michael Henrich, Council Liaison


Planning Commission Agenda 02-13-17

Planning Commission Agenda 10-10-16
Planning Commission Agenda 09-12-16
Planning Commission Agenda 08-08-16
Planning Commission Agenda 07-11-16
Planning Commission Agenda 06-13-16
Planning Commission Agenda 05-09-16
Planning Commission Agenda 03-14-16
Planning Commission Agenda 02-08-16
Planning Commission Agenda 01-11-16

Planning Commission Agenda 12-07-15
Planning Commission Agenda 11-09-15
Planning Commission Agenda 10-12-15
Planning Commission Agenda 08-10-15
Planning Commission Agenda 05-11-15
Planning Commission Agenda 04-13-15
Planning Commission Agenda 03-09-15
Planning Commission Agenda 01-12-15

Planning Commission Agenda 12-08-14
Planning Commission Agenda 10-13-14
Planning Commission Agenda 09-08-14
Planning Commission Agenda 08-11-14
Planning Commission Agenda 06-09-14
Planning Commission Agenda 05-12-14
Planning Commission Agenda 04-14-14
Planning Commission Agenda 02-10-14
Planning Commission Agenda 01-13-14

Planning Commission Agenda 12-09-13
Planning Commission Agenda 09-09-13
Planning Commission Agenda 07-15-13
Planning Commission Agenda 06-24-13
Planning Commission Agenda 03-11-13
Planning Commission Agenda 02-13-13
Planning Commission Agenda 01-16-13

Planning Commission Agenda 12-10-12
Planning Commission Agenda 11-14-12
Planning Commission Agenda 10-08-12
Planning Commission Agenda 09-10-12
Planning Commission Agenda 07-09-12
Planning Commission Agenda 05-14-12
Planning Commission Agenda 04-09-12
Planning Commission Agenda 03-12-12
Planning Commission Agenda 02-08-12
Planning Commission Agenda 01-11-12

Planning Commission Agenda 11-09-11
Planning Commission Agenda 10-12-11
Planning Commission Agenda 09-14-11
Planning Commission Agenda 08-10-11
Planning Commission Agenda 07-13-11
Planning Commission Agenda 06-22-11
Planning Commission Agenda 05-11-11
Planning Commission Agenda 04-13-11

Planning Commission Agenda 10-13-10
Planning Commission Agenda 09-15-10
Planning Commission Agenda 09-08-10
Planning Commission Agenda 07-14-10
Planning Commission Agenda 06-09-10
Planning Commission Agenda 05-12-10
Planning Commission Agenda 04-14-10
Planning Commission Agenda 03-10-10

Planning Commission Agenda 02-10-10
Planning Commission Agenda 01-13-10

Planning Commission Agenda 12-09-09
Planning Commission Agenda 10-14-09
Planning Commission Agenda 09-08-09
Planning Commission Agenda 07-08-09
Planning Commission Agenda 06-03-09
Planning Commission Agenda 04-08-09
Planning Commission Agenda 03-11-09
Planning Commission Agenda 02-11-09
Planning Commission Agenda 01-14-09


Planning Commission Minutes 05-08-17
Planning Commission Minutes 02-13-17

Planning Commission Special Meeting Minutes 11-29-16
Planning Commission Special Meeting Minutes 10-10-16
Planning Commission Minutes 10-10-16
Planning Commission Minutes 09-12-16
Planning Commission Minutes 08-08-16
Planning Commission Minutes 07-11-16
Planning Commission Minutes 06-13-16
Planning Commission Minutes 05-09-16
Planning Commission Minutes 03-14-16
Planning Commission Minutes 02-08-16
Planning Commission Minutes 01-11-16

Planning Commission Minutes 12-07-15
Planning Commission Minutes 11-09-15
Planning Commission Minutes 10-12-15
Planning Commission Minutes 08-10-15
Planning Commission Minutes 05-11-15
Planning Commission Minutes 04-13-15
Planning Commission Minutes 03-09-15

Planning Commission Minutes 12-08-14
Planning Commission Minutes 10-13-14
Planning Commission Minutes 09-08-14
Planning Commission Minutes 08-11-14
Planning Commission Minutes 06-09-14
Planning Commission Minutes 04-14-14
Planning Commission Minutes 02-10-14

Planning Commission Minutes 12-09-13
Planning Commission Minutes 09-09-13
Planning Commission Minutes 07-15-13
Planning Commission Minutes 06-24-13
Planning Commission Minutes 03-11-13
Planning Commission Minutes 02-13-13
Planning Commission Minutes 01-16-13

Planning Commission Minutes 12-10-12
Planning Commission Minutes 11-14-12
Planning Commission Minutes 10-08-12
Planning Commission Minutes 09-10-12
Planning Commission Minutes 07-09-12
Planning Commission Minutes 05-14-12
Planning Commission Minutes 04-09-12
Planning Commission Minutes 03-12-12
Planning Commission Minutes 02-08-12
Planning Commission Minutes 01-11-12

Planning Commission Minutes 11-09-11
Planning Commission Minutes 10-12-11
Planning Commission Minutes 09-14-11
Planning Commission Minutes 08-10-11
Planning Commission Minutes 07-13-11
Planning Commission Minutes 06-22-11
Planning Commission Minutes 05-11-11
Planning Commission Minutes 04-13-11

Planning Commission Minutes 10-13-10
Planning Commission Minutes 09-15-10
Planning Commission Minutes 09-08-10
Planning Commission Minutes 07-14-10
Planning Commission Minutes 06-09-10
Planning Commission Minutes 05-12-10
Planning Commission Minutes 04-14-10
Planning Commission Minutes 03-10-10
Planning Commission Minutes 02-10-10
Planning Commission Minutes 01-13-10

Planning Commission Minutes 12-09-09
Planning Commission Minutes 10-14-09
Planning Commission Minutes 09-09-09
Planning Commission Minutes 07-08-09
Planning Commission Minutes 06-03-09
Planning Commission Minutes 04-08-09
Planning Commission Minutes 03-12-09
Planning Commission Minutes 02-11-09
Planning Commission Minutes 01-14-09

Winsted Parks Commission

Steve Ebert
Evelyn Fowler
Tim Fury
Steve Stotko, Mayor/Council Liaison
Cindy Racette
The Park Commission meets on the second Monday of each month at 5:00 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall, unless otherwise noted on the main page of this website.


Parks Agenda 02-13-16
Parks Agenda 01-09-17

Parks Agenda 10-10-16
Parks Agenda 09-12-16
Parks Agenda 08-18-16
Parks Agenda 08-08-16
Parks Agenda 06-13-16
Parks Agenda 04-11-16

Parks Agenda 09-14-15
Parks Agenda 06-22-15
Parks Agenda 03-09-15

Parks Agenda 10-13-14
Parks Agenda 08-11-14
Parks Agenda 06-09-14
Parks Agenda 04-14-14
Parks Agenda 03-10-14
Parks Agenda 01-13-14

Parks Agenda 12-09-13
Parks Agenda 08-12-13
Parks Agenda 07-08-13
Parks Agenda 04-08-13
Parks Agenda 03-11-13
Parks Agenda 2-11-13

Parks Agenda 12-10-12
Parks Agenda 10-08-12
Parks Agenda 07-09-12
Parks Agenda 05-29-12
Parks Agenda 04-10-12
Parks Agenda 03-13-12

Parks Agenda 12-13-11
Parks Agenda 11-10-11
Parks Agenda 09-13-11
Parks Agenda 08-09-11
Parks Agenda 07-12-11
Parks Agenda 06-08-11
Parks Agenda 01-07-11

Parks Agenda 11-09-10
Parks Agenda 10-12-10
Parks Agenda 09-14-10
Parks Agenda 06-08-10
Parks Agenda 05-11-10
Parks Agenda 04-13-10

Parks Agenda 09-08-09
Parks Agenda 08-11-09
Parks Agenda 07-14-09
Parks Agenda 06-09-09
Parks Agenda 05-12-09


Parks Minutes 06-12-17
Parks Work Session Minutes 02-13-17
Parks Work Session Minutes 01-09-17

Parks Work Session Minutes 12-19-16
Parks Minutes 10-10-16
Parks Work Session Minutes 09-12-16
Parks Work Session &Special Meeting 08-18-16
Parks Minutes 08-08-16
Parks Minutes 06-16-16
Parks Minutes 04-11-16
Parks Work Session Minutes 01-11-16

Parks Work Session Minutes 12-14-15
Parks Work Session Minutes 11-09-15
Parks Work Session Minutes 10-12-15
Parks Minutes 09-14-15
Parks Work Session Minutes 09-14-15
Parks Work Session Minutes 08-10-15
Parks Work Session Minutes 07-13-15
Park Commission Minutes 06-22-15
Parks Work Session Minutes 06-22-15
Parks Minutes 06-08-15
Parks Minutes 03-09-15

Parks Minutes 10-13-14
Parks Minutes 08-11-14
Parks Minutes 04-14-14
Parks Minutes 03-10-14
Parks Minutes 01-13-14

Parks Minutes 12-09-13
Parks Minutes 08-12-13
Parks Minutes 07-08-13
Parks Minutes 06-17-13
Parks Minutes 04-08-13
Parks Minutes 03-11-13

Parks Minutes 12-10-12
Parks Minutes 10-08-12
Parks Minutes 07-09-12
Parks Minutes 05-29-12
Parks Minutes 04-10-12
Parks Minutes 03-13-12

Parks Minutes 12-13-11
Parks Minutes 11-10-11
Parks Minutes 09-13-11
Parks Minutes 08-09-11
Parks Minutes 07-12-11
Parks Minutes 06-08-11

Parks Minutes 11-09-10
Parks Minutes 09-14-10
Parks Minutes 06-08-10
Parks Minutes 05-11-10
Parks Minutes 04-13-10

Parks Minutes 07-14-09
Parks Minutes 06-09-09
Parks Minutes 05-12-09

Parks Minutes 11-12-08
Parks Minutes 08-12-08
Parks Minutes 07-08-08

Winsted Parks System

Park /Amenity





Mill Reserve

Athletic Complex

Southview (Luce Line)

Picnic Shelter
















Ball Field
















Horseshoe Pits








Skate Park
































Spring Riders
































Swim Beach








Ice Rink








Fishing Pier
















Northgate Park – CR 1 north to Linden Avenue (right), left on Northgate Drive

Westgate Park – CR 1 north to Westgate Drive (right)

Hainlin Park – Intersection of CR 1 and McLeod Ave.

Barrett Park – Intersection of 1st St. S. and Sherman Ave.

Mill Reserve Park – Downtown Winsted, intersection of 1st St. S. and Lakefront Promenade.

Winsted Athletic Complex – Intersection of Main Avenue W. and 3rd St. N.

Southview Park (Luce Line Trail) – Intersection of Kingsley Street and Baker Avenue

Airport Commission

The City of Winsted, in an effort to continue interest in the preservation and improvement of the Winsted Airport, has an appointed an Airport Commission to act as an advisory committee for the operation and maintenance of the airport.

This commission is appointed by the City Council, and holds regular meetings the second Tuesday of each month at 8:30 am in the council chambers, unless otherwise noted on the main page of this website.

The airport commission will not meet until a quorum of members is appointed to the commission.

Winsted Airport Commission:
Michelle Baird
Brad Borrell
George Schulenberg, City Council Liaison
Airport News
Open House Presentation 10-23-08

Airport Agenda 04-15-13
Airport Agenda 03-14-13
Airport Agenda 02-12-13

Airport Agenda 07-10-12
Airport Agenda 06-12-12
Airport Agenda 05-09-12
Airport Agenda 04-10-12
Airport Agenda 03-13-12
Airport Agenda 02-14-12
Airport Agenda 01-10-12

Airport Agenda 12-13-11
Airport Agenda 11-08-11
Airport Agenda 10-06-11
Airport Agenda 09-13-11
Airport Agenda 08-09-11
Airport Agenda 07-12-11
Airport Agenda 06-28-11
Airport Agenda 05-24-11
Airport Agenda 05-10-11
Airport Agenda 02-08-11
Airport Agenda 01-11-11

Airport Agenda 12-14-10
Airport Agenda 07-13-10
Airport Agenda 05-11-10
Airport Agenda 04-13-10
Airport Agenda 03-09-10

Airport Agenda 02-09-10

Airport Agenda 01-12-10

Airport Agenda 12-08-09
Airport Agenda 11-10-09
Airport Agenda 10-20-09
Airport Agenda 09-08-09
Airport Agenda 07-14-09
Airport Agenda 06-09-09
Airport Agenda 05-12-09
Airport Agenda 04-14-09
Airport Agenda 02-24-09
Airport Agenda 02-10-09

Airport Agenda 09-16-08
Airport Agenda 08-11-08


Airport Minutes 03-14-13
Airport Minutes 02-12-13

Airport Minutes 07-10-12
Airport Minutes 06-12-12
Airport Minutes 05-09-12
Airport Minutes 04-10-12
Airport Minutes 03-13-12
Airport Minutes 02-14-12
Airport Minutes 01-10-12

Airport Minutes 12-13-11
Airport Minutes 11-08-11
Airport Minutes 10-06-11
Airport Minutes 09-13-11
Airport Minutes 08-09-11
Airport Minutes 07-12-11
Airport Minutes 06-28-11
Airport Minutes 05-24-11
Airport Minutes 02-08-11

Airport Minutes 12-14-10
Airport Minutes 07-13-10
Airport Minutes 05-11-10
Airport Minutes 04-13-10

Airport Minutes 12-8-09
Airport Minutes 11-10-09
Airport Minutes 10-20-09
Airport Minutes 08-11-09
Airport Minutes 07-14-09
Airport Minutes 06-09-09
Airport Minutes 05-12-09
Airport Minutes 04-13-09

Airport Minutes 02-24-08
Airport Minutes 02-10-09
Airport Minutes 12-09-08
Airport Minutes 06-10-08
Airport Minutes 05-13-08
Airport Minutes 01-14-08

Downtown Vibrancy Commission

Downtown Vibrancy Commission Members:
Chip Guggemos, Chairperson
Nancy Fasching
Tami Rosenthal
Joe Swanson
Robert Hamilton
Steve Stotko, Council Liaison

for The Downtown Vibrancy Report

The City of Winsted appointed a Downtown Vibrancy Task Force on January 17, 2012 to develop a shared vision for the downtown and make recommendations to carry the vision forward. The Downtown Vibrancy Task Force completed its work by presenting a Downtown Vibrancy Report to the Winsted City Council on July 17, 2012. The City Council, at its February 15, 2013 Goal Setting Session set the goal of appointing a committee of individuals to carry out the recommendations of the Downtown Vibrancy Task Force. Commissions are intended to utilize members of the community in an advisory capacity to assist the City Council and staff with achieving the goals and objectives for the City and to ensure that the ideas of citizens are well represented in the policy making process. The Downtown Vibrancy Commission consists of five members who are either residents of the City of Winsted or are stakeholders in the downtown area, as well as two ex-officio members consisting of a City Council Member and a staff member. The work of the Downtown Vibrancy Commission will be to put the recommendations of the Downtown Vibrancy Task Force into action.

The Downtown Vibrancy Commission is appointed by the City Council and holds regular meetings the second Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in the Lewis Room at Winsted City Hall, unless otherwise noted on the main page of this web site.

Vibrancy Agenda 09-13-16
Vibrancy Agenda 06-14-16
Vibrancy Agenda 04-12-16
Vibrancy Agenda 02-09-16
Vibrancy Agenda 01-12-16

Vibrancy Agenda 04-12-15
Vibrancy Agenda 03-10-15
Vibrancy Agenda 01-13-15

Vibrancy Agenda 12-09-14
Vibrancy Agenda 10-14-14
Vibrancy Agenda 08-12-14
Vibrancy Agenda 06-10-14
Vibrancy Agenda 05-13-14
Vibrancy Agenda 04-08-14
Vibrancy Agenda 03-11-14
Vibrancy Agenda 02-11-14
Vibrancy Agenda 01-14-14

Vibrancy Agenda 11-12-13
Vibrancy Agenda 10-08-13
Vibrancy Agenda 09-10-13
Vibrancy Agenda 08-13-13
Vibrancy Agenda 07-09-13
Vibrancy Agenda 06-04-13

Vibrancy Minutes 04-12-16
Vibrancy Minutes 02-09-16
Vibrancy Minutes 01-12-16

Vibrancy Minutes 11-10-15
Vibrancy Minutes 08-11-15
Vibrancy Minutes 03-16-15
Vibrancy Minutes 01-13-15

Vibrancy Minutes 12-09-14
Vibrancy Minutes 10-14-14
Vibrancy Minutes 08-12-14
Vibrancy Minutes 06-10-14
Vibrancy Minutes 05-13-14
Vibrancy Minutes 04-08-14
Vibrancy Minutes 03-11-14
Vibrancy Minutes 02-11-14

Vibrancy Minutes 11-12-13
Vibrancy Minutes 10-08-13
Vibrancy Minutes 09-10-13
Vibrancy Minutes 08-13-13
Vibrancy Minutes 07-09-13
Vibrancy Minutes 06-04-13

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