Swimming Pool Regulations

Any enclosure, designed, intended, or used for the containment of water, whether constructed below ground level or above ground level, having a surface area exceeding on hundred (100) square feet and a depth exceeding eighteen inches (18"), which is designed, intended, or used for swimming, wading, or other recreational use by the owner or tenant of the property upon which the pool is constructed, or by the owner’s or tenant’s family or invited guests without payment of a fee.

No private swimming pool shall be constructed without obtaining a permit.

Information Required:

  • Complete plans and specifications for the construction of the pool.
  • A site plan showing the location of all structures on the lot, including the house, garage, fences, trees, overhead or underground wiring, utility easements, and other significant improvements or natural features.
  • The proposed location of pumps, filters, electrical power source (if applicable), flushing and drainage outlets, and other operational features.
  • The location and specifications of protective fencing.
  • Any other information necessary or convenient for review of the permit application as determined by representatives of the City.

Construction Setback Requirements
Private swimming pools shall be constructed so as to avoid damage to property and injury to the occupants of the subject property and the occupants of adjacent property and shall meet the following minimum requirements.

  • No pool shall be located within eighteen feet (18') (measured horizontally) from any underground or overhead utility line of any kind.
  • No pool shall be located within any public or private easement intended for utility, access or drainage purposes; any wetlands or floodplain; or any other location in which it might represent a threat to the natural environment.
  • Private swimming pools are accessory structures in all residential districts under the City’s zoning ordinance and must meet appropriate setback requirements.

Safety Fence Required
A safety fence at least five feet (5') in height shall completely enclose the pool. An administrative fence permit is required to construct a fence. All openings or points of entry into the pool area shall be equipped with self-closing gates or doors. All gates and doors shall have a self-latching latch which is no less than four feet (4') above the ground level and which shall be constructed and placed so as to be inaccessible to small children. All gates and doors shall be locked when the pool is not in use or is unattended by an adult. Any opening between the bottom of the fence and the ground level shall not exceed three inches (3").

  • Safety fences, if constructed primarily of wood, shall be composed of vertical members with spaces no greater than four inches (4") inches between the boards. If constructed of other materials, the fence shall contain no spaces through which a sphere four inches (4") or more in diameter may pass.
  • No wall of any pool constructed above ground level, regardless of height, shall qualify as a safety fence.

Miscellaneous Requirements
The conduct of persons and the operation of pools shall be the responsibility of the owner or the tenant of the subject property and such conduct of persons and operation of the pool shall be done in such a manner so as to avoid any nuisance or breach of the peace.

  • All back flushing or pool drainage water shall be directed onto the property of the owner, or onto approved drainage ways. No drainage may go into the sanitary sewer system. Drainage onto public streets or other public drainage ways shall require a permit from the City of Winsted.
  • All electrical installations shall meet state requirements.
  • Filling pools from fire hydrants or other public facilities shall be prohibited. 

Upon official notification by the City of Winsted, the owner of a pool meeting the definition of this section, must comply with the regulations of this section of the ordinance within one (1) year of such notification.


Any person not obtaining a permit for a swimming pool as required by City Code, shall be charged with a petty misdemeanor as defined in Minnesota Statutes.