Brush & Compost Collection & Drop-Off Site

The Winsted Brush Site will be opening for the season on Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Please note that the City will no longer be issuing permits to recycle appliances and electronics. To recycle these types of items, you will need to go to the McLeod County Environmental Services site located in Hutchinson, Minnesota. 

The closing date is weather-dependent, and may be altered if the site is no longer accessible due to snow and other factors in the fall.  



The City of Winsted's Brush & Compost Site is located approximately one-half mile south of Winsted on County Road 9 (near the Wastewater Treatment Facility).  The site is a McLeod County compost collection/drop off site and is available to all city and rural residents of McLeod County

No permits are required for brush and compost recyclingResidents are responsible for proper disposal of their yard waste in the designated area.


Due to the construction of the CSAH 5 road extension, the Winsted Brush Site has been moved to a new location at the Wastewater Treatment Facility Site.  Winsted / McLeod County Residents will utilize the same driveway access; however, the "new" site is located past the fenced brush site area and closer to the Wastewater Treatment Facility.  Please follow the signs and dump any brush or compost items in the designated areas.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation!


If you have any questions or comments relative to the collection/drop-off site, please contact the McLeod County Solid Waste Department at (320) 484-4300 or 1-800-335-0575.  You can also contact McLeod Solid Waste Management for problem material management, hazardous waste disposal, and other recycling needs.  Questions can also be directed to Winsted City Hall at (320) 485-2366. 

The compost site is to be used for brush and compost only.  Residents may deposit leaves, lawn clippings and brush at the site.  


Yard Waste Accepted:

  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Brush
  • Logs - 18 inch diameter or less


Directions from Winsted:

South of Winsted on McLeod County Road 9, approximately 1/2 mile.  Access to the site is on the west, or right side.

Directions from Minnesota Highway 7:

North on McLeod County Road 9 approximately 3.1 miles. Access is on the west, or left side .


McLeod County Household Hazardous Waste Facility 


Appliance & E-Waste Recycling for McLeod County Residents

Located at 1065 5th Avenue Southeast, Hutchinson, Minnesota 55350. Hours are from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday & 8:00 am - 12:00 pm every first Saturday of the month. 



$10.00 per appliance.

Dehumidifiers, Dishwashers, Dryers, Furnaces, Microwaves, Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers, Water Heaters, Water Softeners, Residential Air Conditioners, Toaster Ovens, Mixers, Non-standard Coffee Pots, Bread Makers, Large Crockpots



$10.00 per device. 

$15.00 per tube TV

CD Players, Copiers, Computer/Laptops, Fax Machines, Monitors, TV’s, Printers, Scanners, Stereo Consoles, Stereo Receivers, Treadmills, Typewriters, UPS/Battery Backups, Vacuum Cleaners, Satellites or Cable Boxes, VCR’s, DVD’s, or Blue-Ray Players, Sound Mixers, Sub     Woofers, Electric Lawn Mowers, Air Purifiers, Medium or Large Fans, Laptop Bases.

Miscellaneous Items                                                 


Cameras, Camcorders, iPods, Video Games, Cell Phones, Small Radios, Telephones, Check Scanners, Keyboards, Mouse, Small Speakers, Small Heaters, Answering Machines, Coffee Pots, Toasters, Standard Coffeemakers, Hand Mixers, VHS rewinders, Conversion Boxes, GPS, Small Fans, Small Air Pumps, TV Adapters, Power Strips, Small Crockpots, Hair Dryers, Curling Irons, Straighteners, Shavers, etc.

 *Prices are subject to change.  Please contact McLeod County Environmental Services for more information at (320) 484-4300.



The McLeod County Household Hazardous Waste Facility also offers a drop site for items such as appliances, televisions, electronics, tires, batteries, construction materials and more.  The drop site, located in Hutchinson, offers a cost-effective alternative for proper recycling or disposal of your "problem materials".


Freeuse Center
What is the Product FreeuseCenter, you ask? It is an area operated within the HHW Facility consisting of usable products that were brought to the facility by residents like you. Rather than process these items as waste, the opportunity is given to residents to REUSE them, thus reducing waste.

Some of the items available in the Product Freeuse Center include latex, exterior and interior, oil based paints, paint thinners, varnish removers, cleaning products, rust inhibitor paints, automotive items, adhesives, sealers, wood stains, aerosol paints and other miscellaneous items. These products vary in availability and quantity but a good selection is generally available.


Please visit the HHW website for brochures and additional information.