About the City Council
Much like the vast majority of cities in Minnesota, the City of Winsted is an Optional Plan A municipality, which vests all legislative power in a part-time, elected City Council comprised of the Mayor and four City Council Members.  The Mayor and City Council adopt an annual budget, approve expenditures, appoint staff, and ratify all policies and ordinances of the City.
The Mayor serves as a member of the City Council and does not enjoy any additional powers or authorities outside of presiding over meetings of the body and serving as the official representative of the City.  Each member of the City Council maintains a single, equal vote.  The Mayor and City Council Members are elected to two and four year overlapping terms, respectively.  All City Council Members serve the community at-large.
The Mayor and City Council
Steve Stotko Mayor December 31, 2024
Tom Ollig Council Member and Deputy Mayor December 31, 2024
Tim Fury Council Member December 31, 2024
Jeff Albers Council Member December 31, 2026
Jesse Cafferty Council Member December 31, 2026

Want to attend a meeting?
The City Council meets to conduct regular business on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Winsted City Hall. 

The City Council may also meet informally in Work Sessions, which typically occur one hour prior to the regular meetings.