Community Profile

Winsted has the unique advantage of being located near a metropolitan area, while retaining the quiet charm of a rural community. The excellent quality of life in Winsted is exemplified in our outstanding schools, quiet neighborhoods, and recreational opportunities.

Committed to Business Growth

The Winsted City Council and Winsted EDA are responsive, efficient and committed to complementary business growth. The Winsted Economic Development Authority (EDA) partners extensively with businesses by providing resources for customized financing solutions to help defray costs related to their projects.

Business and industry are vital and remain strong in Winsted. Steady growth is a strong indicator for future success.  Winsted has a demonstrated ability to provide business opportunities in the community and a history of successful business partnerships that draws other businesses to Winsted.  Business visits occur on a regular basis to build and maintain strong relationships with local businesses. During these visits, the main goal is to assess needs and identify ways that to support local businesses in their growth and success. 

Winsted is a place you’ll be proud to grow your business. In this highly regarded community, you'll discover opportunities to establish strong business relationships, recruit talent, find your home and build your legacy.  

Desired Location

Winsted is located within 45 miles of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and maintains a close proximity to regional airports.  Winsted also hosts a turf runway of it's own at the Winsted Municipal Airport (10D).  Winsted also offers convenient, direct access to Minnesota Highway 7 to the south and U.S. Highway 12 to the north.  

Skilled Workforce

The Twin Cities and outlying regions are consistently ranked among the top areas for skilled and productive labor force. Numerous colleges, universities and technical institutions provide employees of local businesses with opportunities for ongoing higher education and cooperative, customized and technical training.

Strong Schools

The Independent Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School District - 2687, serving the communities of Winsted, Waverly, and Howard Lake, is dedicated to providing a high-quality education for its youth. They strive for excellence and opportunity for each student in every offering and activity of the school district.  The District is comprised of an area of about 115 square miles, primarily in Wright County, with a portion located in McLeod County, and a small portion in Carver County. The District’s high school and middle school are located between Howard Lake and Winsted on Wright County Road 6. The elementary and preschool facilities are located in Waverly and Winsted.  There are also a K-12 parochial school option within the city through Holy Trinity Schools. 

Arts, Culture and Recreation

Winsted is a place that both business owners and employees like to call home. The city offers a wide variety of housing and services with small-town charm. It’s also a great city for arts and culture, outdoor activities and plenty of things to do.

City parks are located throughout the community and feature picnic shelters, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, playground equipment, numerous baseball fields, a swimming beach and an amphitheater. Residents and visitors can also take advantage of the Luce Line State Trail, which connects to our ever expanding trail system.

A Summer Festival, Winter Festival, the nationally renowned “Winstock Country Music Festival”, along with numerous other community events, provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

Community Profile Summary

  • Luce Line State Trail
  • Industrial Park
  • Total area of 1.92 square miles, of which 1.91 square miles is land and 0.01 square miles is water.
  • McLeod County Roads 1, 5, 6, and 9 are the main routes in the community.

As of the 2010 Census there were :

  • 2,355 people,
  • 947 households, and
  • 596 families residing in the city
  • Median age was 36.3 years.
  • 26.1% of residents were under the age of 18;

  • 7.2% were between the ages of 18 and 24; 

  • 9% were from 25 to 44;

  • 23.6% were from 45 to 64; and

  • 15.2% were 65 years of age or older. 


Target Businesses & Industries

  • Light Industry
  • Medium Industry
  • Heavy Industry


McLeod County Profile (updated 07/30/2021)