City of Winsted Comprehensive Plan

A Community Plan for Growth & Development: 2000-2020

A Comprehensive Plan was established for the City of Winsted.  The primary purpose of the plan is to provide direction for growth and development by outlining the goals, objectives, and strategies formed by the community.  It is to be used as a guide to the character, quality and physical development of the City for at least the next 20 years (until approximately the year 2020).  Without this Comprehensive Plan, the City of Winsted would not be adequately prepared for when, where and how future development should occur.  The following information is included in this Comprehensive Plan:

Community Profile & Background

Chapter One provides a community profile of Winsted by examining its history, population trends and social-economic information.

Natural Resources

Chapter Two introduces the natural resource base of the Winsted area, including lakes, streams, wetlands and soils.

Existing Factors and Future Needs

Chapter Three examines Winsted’s existing land use, housing conditions, business inventory, and public investments (i.e., streets, sewer, water, etc).  Current conditions and future needs are highlighted for each of these areas.


Community Survey Results
Chapter Four presents the results of a City-wide survey that was hand delivered to every household.  The participation rate was outstanding: 75 percent of the households completed the community survey.


Current and Emerging Issues

Chapter Five describes what types of local and multi-jurisdictional planning issues will shape Winsted over the next twenty years.


Goals, Objectives, and Policies

Chapter Six outlines what specific approaches the community will take to guide land use decisions.  The 11 goals of the 1997 Community-Based Planning Act are used to help ensure Winsted has adequately examined all of the important components of a healthy community.

Future Land Use Plan 

Chapter Seven establishes a Future Land Use Plan for urban growth and development.  The areas examined include planning for future residential, commercial, industrial, recreation, and transportation land uses.  This section of the Comprehensive Plan helps to estimate what type of annexation needs Winsted will have over the next 20 years.

Using the Updated Plan

Chapter Seven also explains how the Comprehensive Plan should be implemented.  In addition, the Chapter also explains how the Comprehensive Plan can be updated whenever improvements need to be made.