Departments and Programs

Per the direction of the City Council, the City maintains four (4) primary departments, which may contain certain divisions or units, responsible for certain activities, program and services.
The City Administration Department manages the day-to-day operations of the City, under the leadership of the City Administrator, which the City Council delegates certain authority and responsibilities.  While responsible for the oversight of all City departments, City Administration is comprised of:
  • Building Inspection;
  • City Engineering;
  • City Planning; and
  • Community and Economic Development.

The Winsted Police Department provides a full range of police and emergency services to protect the lives, property and well-being of City residents and visitors.  
Public Works
The Winsted Public Works Department provides a variety of services and programs designed to improve and protect the infrastructure and public spaces of the City.  Generally, the department is responsible for:
  • All City facilities;
  • All City parks and open spaces;
  • All City sidewalks, streets and trails;
  • Sewer and water systems; and the 
  • Winsted Municipal Airport.

Volunteer Fire Department
The Winsted Volunteer Fire Department provides fire protection and other emergency services for the Winsted Fire Protection District, which includes portions of Hollywood, Victor, Winsted and Woodland Townships.  Per the Winsted Municipal Code, the Department maintains a roster of at most 30 volunteer firefighters.