Economic Development Authority

The Economic Development Authority (EDA) serves as an advisory commission to the City Council, providing for the review and recommendation of all activities and projects concerning the community and economic development within the City.  The responsibilities of the Authority include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Oversee the activities of public and private agencies in Winsted with concern for their effect on the quality of the local economy; 
  • Raise issues and concerns for staff and the City Council to consider regarding community and economic development activities;
  • Consider current and proposed plans and operations of municipal activities as they affect or concern community and economic development;
  • Seek community opinion as appropriate on recommendations to improve plans and operations;
  • Monitor the condition of the local economy, and evaluate and recommend actions for improvement; and
  • Perform other duties as directed by the Council.

In addition to these general responsibilities, the Authority provides oversight over specific City programs, projects and services, such as:

  • Downtown Vibrancy Forgivable Loan Program;
  • Industrial Park Expansion Project, Phase I and Phase II;
  • New Home Construction Program; and
  • Revolving Loan Fund Program.

Want to attend a meeting?

The EDA meets on the Thursday following the second City Council of the month at 3:30 p.m. in the Lewis Room at City Hall.  

The Commission maintains a membership of five (5) voting members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council.  The City Administrator and one City Clerk-Treasurer also serve as ex-officio, non-voting members of the Commission.

Tom Ollig, Chair and Council Liaison
Jacob Schlagel, Vice Chair
Nancy Fasching
Leigha Bruns
John Stifter
VACANT, Council Liaison