Recreational Fire Guidelines


  1. Outdoor fire sites must be at least twenty-five (25) feet away from any structure.
  2. The fire must be contained within an area:

     -no more than three (3) feet in diameter (measured from the inside of the ring or border)

     -completely surrounded by noncombustible and non-smoke, or odor-producing material (either natural rock, cement brick, tile, or metal)

  1. Manufactured outdoor fireplace devices may be placed upon the premises as long as the burner follows the manufacturer’s recommendations for use of same. 
  2. Person having the fire shall be present for the duration of the fire.
  3. Only wood shall be used.  No leaves, trash or garbage shall be burned or used as starting materials. 
  4. Flames from the fire shall not exceed three (3) feet above the fire pit.
  5. The fire must be fully extinguished when unattended.
  6. A garden hose must be connected to an unlimited water source (for fire extinguishment purposes) and shall be available at all times.