Dog Licenses

Pets add companionship, loyalty, and pleasure to your life.  The City of Winsted regulates pets so that everyone can enjoy animals safely and without nuisance.  

A license is required for all dogs over four months of age. Annual licenses are valid from the date they are issued until December 31st of the calendar year it was issued.  City of Winsted ordinance limits households to three (3) dogs.  

All applications for a license must be accompanied by a current rabies vaccination certificate or a statement from a veterinarian indicating that the dog has current vaccinations; and if appropriate, a veterinary record showing that the pet has been altered. 



Licenses are inexpensive and easy to obtain with the proper information.  If your dog is lost, a City license will help to locate the owners.  A license also ensures that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies.



Licenses are valid from the date issued to December 31st of the issuing year. Under no circumstances can the license period extend beyond the expiration date of the rabies vaccination.  Owners are responsible for providing updated rabies information prior to the expiration of the vaccination.

One year license:  $10.00

Please complete one application for each dog and return it to the City of Winsted with full payment and the appropriate vaccination records. 



Dogs may be impounded by the Winsted Police Department for running at large and/or biting.  Dogs are boarded at the Lester Prairie Veterinary Clinic. All fees must be paid in full at City Hall and the Clinic before the dog(s) can be released.  Please refer to the City of Winsted Fee Schedule for information related to fees and citations.  



  • Habitual barking
  • Dogs disturbing the peace
  • Damage to property
  • Cleaning up Litter



Refer to City of Winsted Ordinance, section 803.002 for more information.


Dog License Application Form