Winsted Municipal Airport Hangar Space

Are you looking for a Hangar?

Contact Winsted City Hall at (320)485-2366 to notify City staff what you are looking for, including dimensions, plane type & size, and any other special requests.  City staff will pass your information on to the local hangar owners and Airport Commission to see if there is anything available.

Is your Hangar available?
If you are a current hangar owner and you have space available, please contact Winsted City Hall and inform City staff at (320)485-2366.

Do you have questions about building a new hangar?
The City of Winsted has one buildable hangar lot available and is in the process of expanding a taxi lane to provide space for additional hangar construction.  Hangar Leases have a duration of twenty (20) years. Contact Winsted City Hall for more information and to obtain a sample lease.