Lakes & Recreation

Winsted Lake

Located in the heart of Winsted, Winsted Lake plays an important role in outdoor recreation for the community and surrounding area.  The lake is available for swimming, boating, and fishing.  


Winsted Lake is 382.45 acres with 3.96 miles of shoreline.  The average depth is 6 feet and the maximum depth is 12 feet. Fish species include bullhead, crappie, bluegill, catfish, sunfish, largemouth bass, northern pike, walleye, perch, and carp.  


Access to Winsted Lake is on the southeast side of the lake off of Zion Avenue, near the Luce Line State Trail.  A public dock is also available on the west side of the lake at Mill Reserve Park.  


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Other Area Lakes

Lake Ann

Lake ID: 86019000
Size: 375 acres
Average Depth: 10.1 feet
Maximum Depth: 18.5 feet
Water Clarity: 7.6 feet
Access: West side of the lake

Lake Emma

Lake ID: 86018800
Size: 188 acres
Average Depth: 9 feet
Maximum Depth: 16 feet
Water Clarity: 10.5 feet
Access: East side of the lake

Round Lake

Lake ID: 86019200
Size: 45.14 acres
Average Depth: 10.5 feet
Maximum Depth: 28 feet
Water Clarity: 2 feet
Access: East side of the lake

Lake Mary

Lake ID: 86019300
Size: 189.97 acres
Average Depth: 17.8 feet
Maximum Depth: 46 feet
Water Clarity: 6 feet
Access: The Winsted Sportsmen's Club owns and maintains a public access on the southeast side of the lake of of Grinwald Avenue SW.

Dog Lake

Lake ID: 86017800
Size: 96.57 acres
Average Depth: 13 feet
Maximum Depth: 25 feet
Water Clarity: 2.5 feet
Access: North side of the lake

Lake Ida

Lake ID: 86010300
Size: 84.66 acres
Average Depth: 12 feet
Maximum Depth: 26 feet
Water Clarity: 1.5 feet
Access: Northeast side of the lake