New Home Construction Program


The purpose is to establish guidelines for application and administration of the City of Winsted’s New Home Construction Program.  These guidelines are intended to ensure fairness and to avoid discrimination in the application of procedures.  However, as these policies are merely guidelines, departure from the guidelines is expected when supported by a rational basis for the departure.  Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first served basis.  The term of the program shall be calendar year 2023.



Recognition of Needs:  The City of Winsted recognizes the need to stimulate private sector investment for the construction of new single-family residential homes and duplexes.  This program has been created to provide incentives for the construction of new homes in the corporate limits of the City of Winsted.  This program will require annual re-authorization by the City Council to continue.



Eligibility.  Any new single-family home of wood frame construction set on a permanent foundation is eligible for the program.  Any new townhome with one shared wall is eligible for the program.

Eligible Geographic Area: Projects must be located within the corporate limits of the City of Winsted on property zoned for single-family residential construction.

Maximum Number:  The Council shall annually determine the maximum number of new homes that are eligible for this program.  For 2023, the maximum number of housing units to be served by this program shall be seven (7).  Eligible applications shall be approved on a first-come, first served basis.

Implementation:  Construction must start by December 31, 2023.

Program Benefit – Deferred Sewer Access Charges & Water Access Charges and a Reduction of Building Permit Fees

  • When applicable, the City sanitary sewer and water connection charges shall not be due until the earlier of 1) sale of the new home to the first occupant by the contractor/builder; or 2) Occupancy of the new home; or 3) 1-year from the date the building permit was issued.
  • Building permit fees up to a maximum of $2,000 per dwelling unit shall be waived (maximum of 7 single-family dwelling units in 2023). 



All building construction is to be in conformance with the applicable building codes, design guidelines, and other City codes and policies.



  • A completed application form must be submitted to the City for review and with the building permit application.  The City Administrator shall approve/deny program applications.
  • Applications are reviewed by City staff to determine conformity to all City policies and ordinances including building, zoning, and related City codes. 
  • Eligibility will be determined at the time the building permit is issued.