Winsted Municipal Code

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: City Council and Legislation
  101.000 Adoption of Municipal Code
  102.000 City Council Meetings
  103.000 Mayor and City Council Salaries
  104.000 Election Date
  105.000 Terms of Office
  106.000 Fee Schedule
  107.000 Background Checks

Chapter 2: Commissions, Officers and Employees

  201.000 General Information
  202.000 Planning Commission
  203.000 Park Commission
  204.000 Airport Commission
  205.000 Volunteer Fire Department

Chapter 3: Utilities

  301.001 Definitions 
  302.001 Water and Sewer Connections
  303.001 Meters
  304.001 Accounts
  305.001 Utility Rate Schedule and Charge System
  306.001 Establishing a Sewer Service Charge System
  307.001 Regulating the Discharge of Wastewater into the City System (Pretreatment)
  308.001  Prohibition of Clear Water Discharges into the Sanitary Sewer, Inspection Authority, & Penalties for Violations
  309.001  Billing
  310.001 Discontinuance of Service and Delinquent Accounts 
  311.001 External Service Lines and Fire Suppression Lines
  312.001 Shortages, Restricted Uses, and Hours
  313.001 Solid Waste Removal in the City of Winsted
  314.001 Additional Rules & Regulations

Chapter 4: Franchises

  401.000 Telephone System Operation Franchise
  402.000 Electric Distribution Franchise
  403.000 Gas Energy Franchise
  404.000  Cable Television Franchise with Mediacom Minnesota LLC
  405.000 Cable Television Franchise with Winsted Telephone Company DBA TDS Telecom
  406.000 McLeod Cooperative Power Association Electric Distribution Franchise

Chapter 5: Motor Vehicles, Parking and Traffic   

  501.000 Operation of Snowmobiles Within the City
  502.000  Regulating Use of Highways & Other Places within the City & Imposing Penalties
  503.000 Hay Ride Restrictions
  504.000 Vehicle Parking
  505.000  Streets & Highways Traffic Regulations
  506.000 Operation of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) within the City
  507.000 Driving, Operating or Control of Motorized Golf Carts or Similar Vehicles

Chapter 6: Streets, Sidewalks and Alleys

  601.000 Street Name Changes and Numbering Houses & Other Buildings
  602.000 Removal of Snow & Ice from Sidewalks
  603.000 Preventing the Redepositing of Snow Upon Any Street Following Plowing
  604.000 Regulations for the Alteration of Curb & Gutter
  605.000 Regulations for the Use of Alley Ways
  606.000 Driveway & Parking Regulations

Chapter 7: Health, Sanitation and Blight

  701.000 Regulations to Prevent, Reduce, or Eliminate Blighting Factors or Cause of Blight within the City
  702.000 Cleanup of Clandestine Drug Lab Sites
  703.000 Weeds
  704.000  Intentionally Left Blank
  705.000 Tattoos, Body Art & Body Piercing
  706.000 Regulation for the Burning of Solid Fuels in External Solid Fuel-Fired Heating Devices

Chapter 8: Animals

  801.000 Regulations for the Use of Horses on Public Streets & Highways within the City
  802.000 Regulating Hay Rides Within City (Cross Reference)
  803.000 Animal Control

Chapter 9: Morals and Conduct

  901.000 Loitering
  902.000 Curfew of Minors
  903.000 Regulating Conduct in City Parks & Recreation Areas
  904.000 Regulation of Public Dances
  905.000 Firearm Regulations
  906.000 Charitable Gambling Net Profit Payments
  907.000 Repeal of Morals & Conduct Ordinances
  908.000 Adult Establishments
  909.000 Trespass

Chapter 10: Transient Merchants, Peddlers and Canvassers  

  1001.000 Regulation of Peddlers, Solicitors, & Transient Merchants
  1002.000 Regulation of Pawn Brokers & Precious Metal Dealers

Chapter 11: Civil Defense

  1101.000 Civil Defense

Chapter 12: Alcoholic Beverages, Cigarettes and Controlled Drugs and Substances

  1201.000 Sale, Consumption & Display of Intoxicating Liquor, 3.2 Percent Malt Liquor, & Wine
  1202.000 Section 2 Repealed 
  1203.000 Tobacco Sales
  1204.000 Prohibition & Penalties for Persons Hosting Event/Gathering where Consumption of Alcohol by a Person Under 21 Takes Place

Chapter 13: Fire Prevention and Control   

  1301.000 Fire Prevention and Control
  1302.000 Burning of Trash, Refuse, Rubbish, and Other Combustible Materials Regulations
  1303.000 Establishing Fees for Emergency Protection and Fire Services

Chapter 14: Buildings and Structures

  1401.000 Adoption of the Minnesota State Building Code
  1402.000 Minimum Requirements for Smoke Detection 
  1403.000 Placement & Installation of Mail Boxes & Prohibiting Other Boxes
  1404.000 Rental Dwelling Units
  1405.000 Docks on Winsted Lake
  1406.000 Landscaping Requirements & Standards
  1407.000 Minimum Structure Code

Chapter 15: Winsted Zoning Ordinance

Click on the link below to view the Winsted Zoning Ordinance. Links are available in the Table of Contents and will direct you to specific sections within the Zoning Ordinance. 

  1501.000 Table of Contents and Winsted Zoning Ordinance
  1502.000 Table of Contents and Winsted Subdivision Ordinance

Chapter 16: Nuisances, Misdemeanors and Other Offenses

  1601.000 Control & Prevention of Dutch Elm Disease
  1602.000 Regulating the Times When Persons May be Present in Cemeteries
  1603.000 Defining & Prohibiting Nuisances
  1604.000 Relating to Radios, Tape & Disc Players, etc.

Chapter 17: Administrative Offenses

  1701.000 Administrative Offenses Procedures

Chapter 18: Airport Zoning Ordinance

  1801.000 Airport Zoning Ordinance

Chapter 19: Abandoned Vehicles and Unclaimed Property

  1901.000 Abandoned Vehicles
  1902.000 Unclaimed Property