Public Works Department

The Winsted Public Works Department is committed to providing excellent service to all Winsted citizens.

With 5 parks, an airport, a large capacity water and waste water facility, a lake, and miles of roads within the city to maintain, the Winsted Public Works Department is able to provide many of the services of a large town, with the personal service of a small town.

The Winsted Public Works Department is responsible for a number of activities around the city, including:

  • maintenance of all city streets and sidewalks
  • maintenance of all water, sewer, and sanitary sewer systems
  • operation of the water treatment facility
  • maintenance of the city's well system
  • snow removal
  • maintenance of the parks
  • maintenance of the ice rink
  • forestry programs
  • operation of the brush site
  • maintaining Winsted Airport, including snow removal, monitoring aviation fuel, parking lot and grounds maintenance, along with building repairs.

While still under the direction of the City of Winsted, the waste water facility and lift station maintenance is under the operation of PeopleService. PeopleService is contracted through the City of Winsted, however, all questions or concerns about the facility or sewer service, should be directed to the city.

Any questions regarding the Public Works Department can be directed to the City of Winsted's general line at (320) 485-2366, or to the Public Works Building at (320) 485-2201.

If you are calling after hours, please leave a message regarding water lines, sewer lines, hydrant tampering or maintenance, illegal dumping, or assistance at the Winsted Municipal Airport.  


Dial 911 if you witness or experience life safety emergencies.


If you witness or experience one of the following infrastructure or maintenance issues, contact the Public Works Department at (320) 485-2201.  

After normal business hours please call the McLeod County non-emergency number at (320) 864-3134.

  • sewer back up
  • trees or large limbs blocking the street
  • water main break
  • little or no water service available to your property
  • emergency water disconnect/reconnect