Phase I: Sidewalk Management Plan

As the City Council discussed updating the Pavement Management Plan in 2019 & 2020, it was noted in the inventory that a review of the current sidewalk conditions was also needed. Then Mayor, Steve Stotko, in cooperation with the City Engineer, volunteered to compile data regarding the condition of the sidewalks while also making recommendations for future City Council discussion. As part of the 2021 City Council Goal Setting Session, the City Council prioritized implementing a Sidewalk Management Plan.

Due to prospective maintenance costs, the City of Winsted is seeking to eliminate a portion of the sidewalk inventory in areas throughout the community.  

The first phase of the Sidewalk Implementation Plan includes a proposal to remove sidewalk on the east side of First Street South from McLeod Avenue to Sherman Avenue. The sidewalk was previously removed south of Sherman Avenue to Baker Avenue. It is unclear why the sidewalk was previously removed.

In addition to removing sidewalk on First Street South, City staff is proposing to remove sidewalk on Rosalie Avenue to Kingsley Street . The removal of the sidewalk is proposed to be completed by City staff. A small amount of curb and gutter and sidewalk installation will be required as part of the Phase I project.